Lie detector machine with metal detector is just for hunting, not home

A new home-based lie detector machine, equipped with a metal detector and a detector for metal, has been unveiled at the University of California, Berkeley.

The new product, the LEO-5, is a metal-detection device that uses a small metal plate to collect samples from an area around the device, allowing the detector to be placed anywhere.

According to researchers, the product is a “high-end” home-detecting device, meaning it is equipped with an external metal detector that can detect and then identify the metal at the site of the lie detector.

The LEO5 uses a two-stage system: first, the detector is mounted on the front of the device; and second, the device is mounted in a closet.

According the researchers, while the detector was tested successfully, the researchers are still working on improving its accuracy.

The device can also detect small objects such as keys and other small items.

The researchers say the device will also be able to detect human fingerprints and teeth, as well as dental records.