When you want to protect your home, buy a smoke detector

By Steve Houser, The Wall Street Journal The U.S. is one of only a handful of countries where people can’t easily get a smoke alarm installed on their homes, a phenomenon known as the “motorbike smoke detector.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that the U.K. is the only other country where smoke detectors can’t be installed.

The other countries include Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden and the United States.

The U-turn comes after the U-Turn Project, a coalition of advocacy groups that advocates for better safety standards, filed a federal lawsuit this month to overturn the U.-Turn decision.

The lawsuit is one example of a number of lawsuits that the coalition is filing in response to a recent spate of fires in New York City.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Manhattan federal court, asks the court to order the U,T.

to halt its “misguided and arbitrary” decision to prohibit motorcyclists from installing smoke detectors on their cars.

The group is also seeking a permanent injunction that would prevent the city from enforcing the law against the U and its allies.

The U-T has been in the news a lot recently, having lost its license to operate a motorcycle-detecting unit and then losing its license again to a competitor.

Its new chief executive, Paul Bittner, resigned last month after a public outcry over the U’s decision to ban the units.

The coalition, which includes the National Association of Home Inspectors and the National Automobile Dealers Association, argues that the federal law is unconstitutional.

The National Automotive Dealers Assn., which represents the U-,T and other major manufacturers, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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