How a new motion detector can detect the presence of the undead in your home

In a world where zombies are just around the corner, some people are hoping to avoid the undead altogether by installing motion detectors in their homes.

With the help of some well-placed sprinklers, they can turn your home into a zombie-free zone.

According to a new report, these smart sprinklers can detect movement and even detect a presence of zombies.

In fact, the report notes that it’s possible to set up motion detectors that detect zombies, which in turn can stop them from moving into your home.

With that in mind, here are a few smart sprinkler installation tips to help you avoid zombies and keep your home safe.


Put the sprinkler in a locked garage door with a door knob.

A locked garage is a prime place for zombie invasion, and you want to be sure to put your sprinkler on a door that you can lock with a key.

A door knob also helps with the motion detector.

You can even install a motion detector at the back of the garage door, to keep zombies out.


Install a motion sensor on the backside of your home, near the garage doors.

This way, the motion sensor can be seen by zombies that enter your home through your garage door.

You don’t need to have a motion detection system in your garage, but a motion sensors is always a good idea.


Install motion sensors on the side of your house, near windows and doors.

These sensors can detect zombie movement and warn you if zombies are lurking in your neighborhood.


Install an air compressor that can capture and hold zombies in your house.

You will need a compressor that captures a continuous stream of air.

You should have a compressor with a volume control, so you can adjust the amount of air that you capture.


Install pressure sensors to monitor zombie movement.

You could use pressure sensors in your basement, but this can make your home a zombie paradise.

With pressure sensors installed in your kitchen, you could easily capture zombies that try to enter your house by your sink or dishwasher.


Install sound and vibration sensors that can detect zombies.

These systems could detect zombie sounds and vibrations.

You might also want to install a doorbell that emits zombie sounds, but again, this would be a bad idea.


Install multiple motion detectors for each room in your living room.

You’ll need two or more motion detectors, or one for each side of the house.


Install sprinkler sprinkler system that captures and captures a steady stream of rain.

You want to capture as much rain as possible, so the sprinklers in your sprinklers system should be continuously active.


Install automatic sprinkler systems that automatically switch on and off when the zombies move into your house or garage.

You won’t need sprinklers for the entire house, but you might want to have sprinklers activated in certain areas of your yard and along the street.


Install smoke detectors and sprinkler shutters that will automatically shut off zombies that are in your backyard or in your bedroom.

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