What do you know about metal detectors?

By NBC News Staff Reporter A metal detector will soon be on every door in New York City.

The New York State Police announced the new technology Wednesday as part of the state’s response to the deadly shooting of a woman in Brooklyn.

The technology, which is not yet in use in the United States, is meant to detect and identify hidden firearms in a small radius around a house or other structure.

The new technology will be used to help officers who are dealing with a violent crime scene, and it will be available on patrol cars and other vehicles as soon as June.

A spokesman for the police department said the technology was developed as part a $3 million program to increase safety at the scene of a crime.

The devices are not new to New York.

Since 2015, the New York Police Department has used metal detectors to detect explosives and explosives-laden objects.

The police department has deployed them in all but one case in its history, when a man was killed by a bullet from a metal detector during a burglary in 2016.

Authorities said at the time that the devices helped them identify suspects and prevent the release of dangerous drugs and explosives.

Police have also used them to catch and detain armed suspects who may have attempted to flee or engage in other criminal activity.