GOP lawmaker calls for Comcast’s $1 billion Comcast merger to be halted

A Republican from Florida has introduced a resolution calling on the FCC to block the Comcast merger, which he said would create a massive utility monopoly.

Rep. Brad Sherman (R-Fla.) introduced the resolution on Wednesday.

“If Comcast merges with Time Warner Cable, I would like to know why they are merging with Comcast,” Sherman said in a statement to The Hill.

Comcast already controls 70 percent of the Internet in the United States and has a vested interest in a duopoly.” “

The merger is likely to create a monopoly, and would likely cause more harm than good.

Comcast already controls 70 percent of the Internet in the United States and has a vested interest in a duopoly.”

A separate report by the nonprofit public interest watchdog Free Press said Comcast would be the biggest pay-TV provider in the country.

Comcast, the nation’s largest pay- TV company, is expected to close the acquisition by March 31.

Comcast is seeking to buy Time Warner, which also operates NBCUniversal, Fox and Warner Bros. movies and television series.

“This merger would be devastating to the Internet ecosystem and the country’s economy, especially as it threatens the viability of Netflix and other platforms that compete directly with Comcast, and is already under threat from other large pay- television providers,” Sherman wrote in a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

“While Comcast is an obvious target for the FCC’s regulatory and legislative attack, it is not the only entity in the industry whose broadband and cable businesses are suffering as a result of this merger.”

Sherman’s resolution, which was co-sponsored by Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), is the latest step in a legislative fight to halt Comcast’s acquisition.

Earlier this year, the House voted to strip FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler of his power to block Comcast’s merger.

The FCC’s proposed merger with Time-Warner Cable would bring the company’s combined cable, satellite and phone services to more than 100 million homes.

Wheeler has said he opposes the deal because of the company taking too long to disclose its broadband plans.

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