What’s going on with metal detectors?

The new $25,000 metal detectors have a few unique features.

First, they’re not just for crime scenes.

They’re specifically designed for the job of keeping the public safe, protecting your privacy, and helping to keep the nation’s population safe from crime.

These new detectors are designed for crime scene investigations.

These are the kinds of detectors that are being used to stop burglars in their tracks.

They are being deployed to the Boston Marathon bombing suspect in order to stop him from trying to run away.

This is the kind of device that should be used to keep your privacy safe.

The FBI is currently in charge of deploying these new metal detectors.

But as Ars Technic reported earlier this year, they aren’t always up to snuff.

In the past year, the FBI has reported a massive spike in the number of metal detectors deployed to protect against possible threats, such as armed terrorists.

That’s a significant problem, given that the metal detectors aren’t the only means of stopping crimes.

Other, cheaper ways to protect yourself include locking up your home, and securing your belongings in your car, while still using your phone to call friends and family.

But it’s important to remember that not every case of a burglar who steals a gun will require a police officer to intervene.

You don’t need a metal detector to stop a carjacking or a thief from jumping out of a window.

There are plenty of other ways to keep people safe, too.

We’ve seen the potential benefits of using these metal detectors to stop crime in the past, too, like when they were deployed to deter bank robbers.

They’ve also been deployed for the purpose of protecting our public parks, where the devices help to keep out other kinds of wildlife.

These metal detectors also have the potential to be useful in other ways.

They could help police departments track down the source of a stolen cell phone, for example.

We saw this in the Boston bombings.

The suspect in that bombing, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, stole a cellphone, and a scanner from a bank.

In a recent interview with NBC News, a member of the FBI’s Boston office said that they could not have done it without the metal detector.

This was just one example of how this device is often used to help law enforcement in other circumstances.

But just because these devices aren’t used for all sorts of things doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be used for the kinds that they’re meant to.

It could be a useful tool for keeping our neighborhoods safe.