Which apps can help you detect smoke?

Google has just announced that it has rolled out an app that will help users better detect the smoke from a nearby smoke detector.

Google said the app, called Smoke Detector Plus, is now available for Android phones and tablets.

Smoke Detector, the app is available for $2.99.

Google has previously rolled out apps to help users detect smoke from other sources.

The first was the “Smoke Detector 2,” which was released in 2013 and worked on Android devices.

That app could detect a range of smoke detectors, including the Amazon SmokeDoor and Philips SmokeDent.

Other smoke detectors can detect a variety of types of smoke, including a portable air freshener.

Google’s Smoke Detor Plus also can help users distinguish the difference between carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide.

In addition to detecting smoke, the smoke detector app lets users set alarms for various types of dangers, including smoke, carbon monoxides, and carbon dioxide.

Google will roll out additional smoke detector apps as they become available.

The company also released a smoke detector with a built-in LED that lets users see smoke.