Which cop detector is the most expensive?

The American Conservatives are calling on consumers to spend as much as $10 per year on cop detectors, which are not designed to detect the most common types of explosive devices in a home, such as a car bomb or pipe bomb.

The American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative group that is pushing the bills, says it has submitted the legislation to Congress, but hasn’t received a response.

The bill would impose a 25% tax on every new cop detector sold and would make it harder for homeowners to get their own detectors repaired or replaced.

The group said the tax would be $10 for each new detector purchased.

The bill also would make buying a cop detector more difficult, requiring manufacturers to offer “a refundable deposit equal to the cost of the detector plus $10” and make it easier for owners to replace a faulty one.

The tax would also be levied on people who purchase a cop detection that isn’t compatible with their current home, or someone who doesn’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install and maintain the detector.

“The American Consumer Lawyer has a list of some of the most popular and most expensive cop detector brands on its website, and the bill would add to that list by increasing the price of each,” the group said in a statement.

Rep. Paul Gosar, D-Ariz., the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, said the bill was not meant to be a tax on consumers, but rather a tax to pay for new technology to combat explosive devices.

“I think that this is a reasonable tax, but the tax is designed to pay the bills,” he said.

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