The Best Free Firearm Firearm Detectors Available on the Web

Posted on May 04, 2018 12:21:50Costco has released a free “firearm fire alarm” for Windows 10, Mac OS X, and Linux that’s a combination of its existing fire alarm and a Google Pixel-style detector.

The company says the device, which costs $39.99, is designed for “the home and office” and features an “active light and audible alert that’s easy to use and discreet.” 

The “fire alarm” can be activated using a simple push of a button on the top of the device.

The “fire alert” will also alert the user to a fire if they touch it, and it’ll also sound a warning if there’s an audible alarm, but the device’s battery life is listed at about 20 minutes. 

Costco said that while the device will work with the company’s standard fire alarm, you may want to choose one that’s an Android-based version of the detector that has a dedicated Android button that will automatically trigger the alarm when the button is pressed. 

The device’s only other feature is that it’s able to detect both “a high-powered flashlight” and “a firearm, and is able to alert the wearer to the presence of both.” 

Costcos spokesperson Jason Smith told Ars Technia that “the battery life for this fire alarm is approximately 20 minutes.”

The device is available now for Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Costcos says it’s “coming soon” to Android.