Police say water leak detectors at home and office in Adelaide are safe

The Adelaide Fire Service says its water leak detection system is safe at home, but there are concerns it could not detect the leaking water from the city’s south-west.

It is currently operating the water leak sensors in the CBD, on the corner of Swanston Street and Brunswick Street, and is also operating a leak detector in a nearby residential area.

The fire service says the sensors are located at the corner and Brunswick and that the leak detectors have been working well for a while.

“Water has flowed into our area and it has started leaking into our neighbourhood,” said Inspector David Dutton.

He said the sensors were not being used as often as they should be, so a quick leak detection was needed.

Dutton said the sensor’s main purpose was to detect water flowing through a pipe from a leaking home.

Water leaking into Brunswick Street is being controlled, with the city using the system to ensure that no water is being pumped into Brunswick and Brunswick Road.

But it was not the only concern that was raised about the system.

Firefighters say it was too much water at homeThe fire services said it was still unclear why water had flowed into the neighbourhood at night and they had not been able to identify any cause.

Inspector Dutton said a leak detection team was in the area at the moment to ensure the system was functioning.

“(The system) is working, it is working very well, but it is something that needs to be investigated,” he said.

An area resident told 7.30 she had seen a large number of fire trucks parked on Brunswick Street at night, but the fire service did not have a problem with it.

She said it appeared the fire trucks had parked there overnight and that they were parked there because of the water being pumped in from Brunswick Street.

Ms Mott said she had been driving through the area when she noticed the trucks parked at Brunswick Street and was worried about the damage to her house.

What you need to know about water leaks: