How do you spot smoke from a new home smoke detector?

Home smoke detectors come with built-in detection systems that can be programmed to send a warning signal if there is smoke present.

But the problem with these devices is that they don’t always detect smoke, which is why most people do not even consider them a safe option to start with.

In fact, a recent survey from the American Academy of Occupational Safety and Health (AASOH) revealed that the majority of owners of smoke detectors have been unaware that their systems can detect smoke from anywhere in the home.

Here are some key points about home smoke detection.


You may not be aware that your smoke detectors can detect it: According to the American Association of Occupations Health and Safety (AASHHS), a majority of the owners of home smoke alarms did not know that they could detect smoke if they were not looking for it.

A second survey from AASHHS revealed that 57 percent of owners had never heard of home alarm systems detecting smoke from within their homes.


If you think you have a smoke detector, but your house does not have one, it’s not working properly: Many of the people who have owned a home smoke alarm in the past have not been able to determine if the device is working properly because the detector did not detect smoke in their home.

According to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 30 percent of homeowners who tested positive for smoke inhalation had no smoke detector.


You have a faulty smoke detector and you need to replace it: While you may not know what your home alarm system does, the AASOH survey found that only 26 percent of the homeowners who owned a smoke alarm had received a replacement device within 30 days of owning their home, and only 16 percent had received their replacement within 30 to 90 days of the date of purchase.


You don’t know if the system is working: Some smoke detectors are manufactured with a built-on alarm system, while others are manufactured without a built in alarm system.

The AASHHHS survey also found that owners of older home smoke emitters were the least likely to have a system that would detect smoke.


You’re not sure if your smoke detector will work in the future: Most of the experts who have tested smoke detectors for safety said that the device would be able to detect smoke even if it was not properly programmed.

This means that if you want to make sure that your home is safe to sleep in, you need a smoke-detection system that will actually work in your home.

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