What you need to know about a new gold detector

Posted November 05, 2019 12:24:38I’ve just finished working with an industrial manufacturer to develop a new detector for their duct smoke detector that has a built-in gold detector.

The detector is based on a technology called ionization detection.

In an ionization-detection detector, you put an atomized metal such as gold or platinum on a detector plate, and a voltage is applied.

This voltage then activates a coil inside the detector that creates a voltage on the detector plate.

The detector produces a voltage in response to the applied voltage, and this voltage can be read by the detector.

Inventors at a company called Ionization Detection Systems have developed a detector that uses a gold detector plate to create a voltage that can be used to activate the detector and read a value.

This new detector has the added advantage of being able to read values on a single, inexpensive plate.

The company is testing the detector on an electric circuit, and it appears to work well.

It appears that the detector works on any circuit that uses an input voltage from a sensor, and they have not found any issues with a voltage source.

However, the company did not mention the cost of the detector or any testing it has done to determine whether the detector is safe for industrial use.