How to avoid a police leak detector leak

Police departments across the country are reporting they are getting the first-ever leak detector detectors, as new technology allows for quicker detection.

Key points:Police in NSW are using the new detectors to detect gas leaks that cause more than the manufacturer’s warning levelsPolice say the technology will be cheaper to deploy and maintainPolice are looking at installing up to 1,000 detectors across the stateThe NSW Police’s new detector system, which has been tested and approved by the Victorian Government, is expected to cost around $300,000.

Key point:The technology will also be cheaper and easier to deploy than the police detector currently usedThe system will use radar to detect leaks and can detect gases such as ammonia, propane, and methaneThe state Government has also been working on the technology for years, but only recently has the new state police leak detection system finally been put in use.

“It’s just a big leap forward, I think it’s a real breakthrough,” NSW Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said.

“We’ve been looking at it for many years, we’ve had to deal with this issue for a long time.”

The NSW Department of Transport, Infrastructure and Regional Development (DETRI) is now the lead agency on the project, which is due to be rolled out across NSW within weeks.

Police in the state have reported an increase in leaks in the past two weeks, with one of the biggest leaks occurring at the state’s major police stations at Mount Druitt in Sydney’s north-west.

“A lot of the leaks we’ve seen have been caused by the use of some of the newer and less expensive leak detectors,” Deputy Commissioner Mark Gaudron said.

The NSW Government says the new technology is expected cost around 20 per cent less than existing police detector technology, which will be installed at all police stations across the State.

“Police are seeing a lot of these leaks because the technology we have is a lot cheaper to install and maintain,” Inspector Chris Purdon said.

Inspector Purdons team is currently testing the new detection system, but he hopes it will be ready to go for the first use in early 2017.

“Once we’ve got the system installed and tested, it will cost around the same as a police detector and be a lot quicker to deploy,” Inspector Purdoon said.

It’s the first leak detector system deployed in Australia, and is the first of its kind in the world.

“The state of Victoria is going to be the first to deploy this,” Inspector Gaudor said.

Police have had their own leak detector for years.

It was originally tested by the Royal Australian Fire and Rescue Service (RAAF), but the technology was deemed not to be suitable for public use.

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