How to avoid a blackout on Netflix if you are at home

The Federal Communications Commission says it has received hundreds of complaints about Netflix’s down detection system, which has been found to be unreliable.

The complaints, which are being reviewed, were filed with the FCC this week.

“Netflix has not provided sufficient information to explain how it measures the reliability of its technology and how it can assure that customers’ personal data is not used in any manner to discriminate,” the FCC said in a statement Friday.

The FCC says it received an overwhelming number of complaints from consumers.

“It is important that consumers understand that if they encounter problems accessing the service they may not immediately know how to contact their local or state law enforcement authorities,” the statement said.

The agency said it is currently working with Netflix to address the complaints and said it will continue to take appropriate action.

“If we have received complaints that the system is unreliable or out of date, we will work with Netflix and the other companies that use its technology to address those complaints,” the agency said.