The NSA leak detector game

The Washington Times has an interesting article about the National Security Agency’s snapchat app that reveals a number of interesting things about how the NSA spies on people.

The app is called “Freezer” and it is designed to hide the location of people’s phone’s microphone and Wi-Fi.

This feature is not available on other apps, but the NSA has developed a method to do just that.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the app can be used to hide your location in public places and hide your microphone location in other apps.

The NSA can then listen in on your calls, intercept your communications, and track your location and location history.

There is a caveat though, the NSA must first identify a “unique” phone number for the NSA to listen in.

The article notes that this means that a person might be able to get away with this method if they are using a phone that is unlocked.

However, the article notes there are “many ways” the NSA can detect a device using this method, including the use of an “offline search engine.”

The article adds that if the NSA is able to “impersonate” the person’s location by having the phone use a “hidden location identifier,” then the NSA will be able “to see that the person is inside the phone and the location is accurate.”

The NSA’s Freezer app is designed for the “low end” phone market.

The device costs $0.99 and works on any phone with a microSD card.

The Freezer can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

You can also download the app from the app store.

We’ll take a closer look at the Freezer after the break.

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