How to disable Wi-Fi Smoke Detectors in Windows 10

By disabling these Wi-fi smoke detectors in Windows, you can save yourself from getting into serious trouble.

This tutorial will show you how to remove the smoke detectors from the system, so you can enjoy your gaming without being connected to a wireless network.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up and set up a network-connected router, and you’ll get started on how to disable the smoke detector.

Step 1.

Disable Smoke Detector in Windows.

You can find a video walkthrough of this step here: How to Disable Wi-FI Smoke Detector in Windows 11 Step 2.

Set up Network-Connected Router.

Open Settings > Network and Sharing Center > Wireless networks > Wi-Fis wireless networks.

Set your wireless network’s SSID to match your wired network’s network name.

Step 3.

Disable Network- Connected Router in Windows (Optional).

Open Settings, and then click the Settings button.

Step 4.

Uncheck Allow Windows to connect to your wireless router.

Step 5.

Disable Windows in your Network.

Open Network, and select Network tab.

Step 6.

Under Network, click the Advanced tab.

Step 7.

Under Advanced, uncheck the box for Allow Windows network connections to a Wi- Fi network.

Step 8.

Disable the Wi-Fire Smoke Detectors in Settings.

Open Settings > Wi Fire settings.

Click Advanced.

Step 9.

Under Wi Fire, click Turn off Wi- Fire.

Step 10.

Click the Restart Now button to turn off the Wi Fire Smoke Detecters.

Now that you have your Wi- fire smoke detector disabled, you should have access to your games without any hassle.

You will need to enable the router again later.

Step 11.

Disable Wi Fire in Windows in Step 6(Optional)Step 12.

Restart your router, open Windows and verify that your router is still working.