How to use a motorcycle radar on your smartphone

The latest smartphone feature that lets you scan and check a motorcycle’s location from your wrist and phone could be a major boon for bike owners.

In a patent application filed in February, Motorola Mobility outlined a way to use your smartphone’s camera to scan the bike and display its license plate number.

The scanner would also display the bike’s owner’s license plate, which could help locate the owner.

The system would not scan the entire bike, but instead scan a subset of the bike based on the license plate.

The patent suggests that the scanner could also scan a motorcycle for certain items, such as a license plate tag, which would provide the owner with a list of other items that could be scanned.

The motorcycle scanning system, called a motorcycle detector, would not be a replacement for a bike camera.

But the patent’s authors suggest it could be an additional tool for people looking to locate their bikes.

They also say it could improve motorcycle safety by allowing people to better determine if a bike is stolen, or if someone else is driving it.

A motorcycle detector would not just scan the license plates of bikes, but would also include an infrared camera that would identify the motorcycle as stolen or a GPS device that would help users determine if they are in a high-risk area.

But, the patent doesn’t mention the location-tracking system that could scan the driver’s license and other personal data.

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