When it comes to the Xbox One X, the X-ray scanner will be used to detect if your phone has been tampered with

A new X-rays scanner for the Xbox has been developed by the US military.

The X-Ray Scanner (XSS) is used by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) to scan and identify devices that could potentially be malicious, or potentially harmful.

The NRO has developed the XSS scanner to identify devices by measuring its electrical properties, and then comparing them to the images captured by X-RAY scanners in the field.NRO says the Xss scanner can detect the presence of metallic particles, which would be detected by XSS scanners at the same time as a phone would be.

The scanner is designed to be used in the future to help detect the use of malicious software in smartphones, and also as a means to detect other physical characteristics such as the position and orientation of a device.

The device’s physical location is then compared to a database of other physical properties, including the distance between two points.NRA says it is working with the manufacturer of the X1 smartphone to ensure the device will not be compromised in the course of its life.

The agency says that the X2 smartphone is currently not a target of the scanner, and will only be used by those working on the project.

It is hoped that the scanner will prove useful to detect and destroy malware in smartphones.