When Spyware Detection Lights Are Too Much for Your Smartphone, You’ll Need to Move to Your Home to Avoid Locks and Keys

TechRadars article When Spywear detectors are too much for your smart phone, you’ll need to move to your home to avoid locks and keys.

The spyware detector lights can be annoying and the noise can be hard to hear.

To reduce these issues, Microsoft is offering up to a $99 price cut for the Spyware detector in Windows 10. 

The new $99 offer comes with the ability to use Windows Hello as well as a Microsoft Bing assistant to identify and unlock your home.

Microsoft is also rolling out the new $59 “Smart Lock” with the same Microsoft assistant.

This is Microsoft’s attempt to solve the problem of spyware detection lights that can be blinding for people who have never used a lock or key before.

The new system will also include the ability for users to unlock their smart home devices using a key that is paired to their phone.

The system is available to owners of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update or later, and comes with a $199 Microsoft Gold subscription.

Microsoft says the new system is the first of its kind.

The company also said it is working on more spyware detectors, with an eye toward the security of Microsoft’s cloud.

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