Why we need a new Air Quality Index to monitor air quality in the US

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other environmental groups are launching a new air quality index that would provide a more comprehensive picture of the air quality on the ground, including temperature, humidity, oxygen levels and other pollutants.

The new system would allow for better monitoring of pollutants in the air, which is currently not available.

The EPA says the index will be up and running in the next few weeks.

It’s called the Air Quality Monitoring Index, and it’s based on data from more than 80 sensors around the country.

They measure air quality by capturing air samples from sensors that are placed at the ground and monitoring them for several hours.

The sensors are monitored in real time, and they can identify pollution at any given time.

The EPA says its index is based on the amount of pollution in a certain area.

It would also help identify areas that have been identified as having an unusually high or low level of pollution, and would help improve the EPA’s efforts to improve air quality across the country and beyond.

“This data is very helpful in monitoring the air around us,” said David Weinstock, a senior adviser to the EPA in the Region of the Nation for Air Quality and the Environment, in a press release.

“The EPA uses this data to make air quality improvements, like improving air quality alerts, which help residents and businesses in our region, as well as reduce the risk of respiratory illness.”

The index will help improve air monitoring in a variety of areas, from building design and construction to food preparation and delivery.

A total of 4.2 million measurements have been collected over the past decade, including air samples collected from all 50 states.

This data helps the EPA better understand the health and safety of the nation’s air, and help inform its decisions on pollution controls.

Since the index was first launched in 2011, it has been used to help determine the number of days a city is deemed safe to enter each year, and how many days it’s safe to leave the city.

This new index will also provide information on pollution concentrations in different parts of the country, which will help the EPA identify areas with the most unhealthy air.

This will help guide the EPA to decide whether to restrict or restrict outdoor activity or to impose limits on building emissions, and also help guide other pollution control efforts.

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