When a ‘lifestyle’ detector detects a suspicious voice, it will tell you what you need to know about it

The passive voice detection (PVS) system used in Google’s Glass has become a buzzword in the tech world recently, and we can finally say we’ve found a home.

Google Glass, for the record, does not have PVS.

However, we did manage to snag some early footage of the wearable that may prove that Glass has PVS capability.

Google Glass has a microphone that can pick up audio from nearby objects, and it can also detect if it has a voice recognition system.

When it detects a voice, Glass automatically adjusts the volume and plays the audio back.

It works by simply using its microphone and detecting the sound.

It doesn’t need to be connected to any other device or hardware.

The technology is based on what is called a “lifestyle” detector, and Google Glass uses the same technology to detect what other devices you’re looking at.

In the video below, we see how the PVS system works.

When we first tried to use Glass with a voice detection system, it wasn’t working.

However once we turned it on, the device turned on automatically and responded to our voice.

However we couldn’t figure out how it could work when we tried to talk to a person through the Glass headset.

Google says that it is still in the early days of Glass, but we can say that Glass is definitely making strides.

The system works well and is able to work reliably for a variety of users.

This is likely due to the way it uses microphones.

This means that when Glass is turned on and it detects that someone is talking, the system can simply turn off the speaker and mute the speaker.

The other option would be to turn off your device and then turn it back on.

Google’s spokesperson did not have any information on how this works on Glass.

We are still working with Google to figure out exactly how Glass works with a “life” detector.

In order to turn on the PVM, you have to go into the settings menu.

Here you’ll be able to choose whether to use the system with Glass, or the microphone to turn Glass on.

You can also disable the system from your device, but it is recommended that you leave it turned on until you’re ready to use it.

We have also tested Glass with the new “smart voice” feature.

This mode uses PVS, but is designed to be able “talk back” to you and will be enabled when you turn Glass off and then on again.

Google is not disclosing the exact function of this feature, but you can tell by the video above that it works pretty well.

It will also be interesting to see how Glass responds to people using voice recognition systems.

Google has been testing a new feature that can identify a person based on their voice.

This will be useful for many of the scenarios that we saw with Glass.

The feature will allow Google Glass to automatically identify who is speaking to you when it’s in a conversation.

We also saw a video showing Glass with this feature enabled.

This video shows Glass running an example voice search on Google Glass.

Glass then responds with a response like “Oh, that’s me.”

The example response is actually very different from the response that you would get when you were using a human voice.

Glass does have a lot of features that will help it identify you, and the first one is location.

The ability to “see” where you are will make Glass a great location tracker, and will help you find where you might be when you are looking for directions.

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